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“I’m very fortunate to have met my tutors through Tutoring 4 Change, since I have an autistic son who needs quite a bit of extra support for his schoolwork. These tutors have really helped him with plenty of patience and kindness and I appreciate all the effort that they put for my son. And, despite being so young, every one of them is a mature tutor who has something different to offer. Many thanks!”

- Aura Bucur-Sava, Parent

“Being a part of Tutoring 4 Change was definitely an amazing experience. I created such a strong relationship with my student and her family, and it felt great that I was able to use my own skills to benefit others. Not only was I benefitting those in my community, but with the "Acting Locally. Changing Globally" moral, I was one of the many people that help provide an education to 3 other children who live across the globe! I strongly recommend anyone to Tutoring 4 Change, whether as a student or a tutor!”

- Sophia Lacuna, Tutor

“Tutoring 4 Change is a non-profit organisation that works towards ameliorating the lives of youth worldwide! The slogan "Acting LOCALLY. Changing GLOBALLY" refers to the local and global impact that this organisation aims to achieve through the promotion of education. On the local scale, Tutoring 4 Change provides youth with the opportunity to obtain affordable tutoring. On the global scale, the organisation sponsors three young children in developing countries, so that they may have the opportunity to actually receive an education and improve their lives. As someone aspiring to become an educator and who has been working as a tutor for this organisation for over a year now, I have had an incredibly positive experience with Tutoring 4 Change. The fact that I am making a difference in the lives of the children I tutor, along with the children that we sponsor, is what makes working for this organisation so rewarding and fulfilling. Tutoring 4 Change is a truly unique organisation because of its dual impact. Both locally and globally, lives are being changed every single day.”

- Carlina Besonart, Tutor

“I simply can't say enough about our tutor! She has been more than just a tutor for my kids; she has been a source of encouragement for them, motivating them to always try their best. Our tutor has been with us for almost three years, and I can just say that she will always be a part of our lives! She is very passionate about what she does and sees the needs of my children.”

- Gloria Cambridge, Parent

“As a tutor, I find it difficult to imagine a more rewarding experience for students looking for a job in addition to busy school schedules. The organization gives both students and tutors alike the opportunity to do a little good in the world: A portion of all profits are donated to sponsor several students through World Vision, and the organizers don't take a cent for their work in managing the entire operation, including pairing you with a student. Tutoring4Change's local and transparent practices makes it an organization that I'm honoured to work with.”

- Elaine Gao, Tutor

“Being a tutor for Tutoring 4 Change has being an incredible opportunity. The bond I created with my students and their continued improvement is extraordinary. Not only have I had the chance to tutor some lovely people but Tutoring 4 Change goes farther by giving the fantastic opportunity to not only affect someones education in Canada but to extend the gift that is knowledge to someone overseas. I hope that Tutoring 4 Change continues to make this wonderful change and I am grateful to be part of this organization.”

- Margarita Tellez España, Tutor

“Acting like a third-party that pairs prospective tutors and students, Tutoring 4 Change is a small and non-profit organization with motivated administrators. Not only do they give back any money earned to children in need, their professionalism in pairing and thorough orientation processes make me feel safe and confident as a tutor.

If you are a parent or student looking for help, an interview process guarantees that you will be paired with a dedicated and knowledgeable tutor, and if you are thinking of joining as a tutor, then be prepared for a gratifying experience.”

- Charles Bai, Tutor

“A lot of my friends were a part of Tutoring 4 Change, so I decided to give it a try myself. I was paired with a student in the field I wanted to tutor super fast! After months of tutoring, I would definitely recommend Tutoring 4 Change for parents that are looking for responsible, yet friendly tutors, and students looking for a rewarding job within their school schedule!”

- Anna Zhu, Tutor

“I heard Tutoring 4 Change from a friend and decided to start tutoring. The process to get a student and a consultation meeting was really fast and there were rules in the forms signed during the consultation meeting that made it beneficial to the student and tutor. I definitely recommend Tutoring 4 Change if anyone wants to make a difference and/or for tutors who want more teaching experience.”

- Guneet Bawrar, Tutor

“In my experience, the math tutor provided good supplementary material for my daughter to get her used to more word problems. The tutor was kind, friendly and easy to work with, according to my daughter. The tutor was also very punctual and we never had any problems.”

- Arthur Clemente, Parent

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