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Tutoring 4 Change

Who are we?

Tutoring 4 Change is a 100% non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education locally and globally, by providing affordable tutoring in local communities, and sponsoring children who can't afford education globally.

One on one tutoring

Our organization offers one on one tutoring for all grades and subjects by tutors who excel in their academics. Location of tutoring is all up to you! Your home, the local library or even at your tutor’s home are all possible tutoring locations.

One on one tutoring

Reasonable prices

We offer the best tutoring service for a wide variety of subjects while maintaining a reasonable price. Our prices may vary depending on the age and grade of your child. Nonetheless, the rate is still negotiable. It should not cost a fortune to receive help!

Reasonable prices

Charity Donations

We donate $1 from every hour that your child gets tutored. This donation goes towards sponsoring children across the world who will also receive an education. With our partnership we endeavour to promote the importance of education worldwide.

Donating to charity


"Being a part of Tutoring 4 Change was definitely an amazing experience. I created such a strong relationship with my student and her family, and it felt great that I was able to use my own skills to benefit others. Not only was I benefitting those in my community, but with the "Acting Locally. Changing Globally" moral, I was one of the many people that help provide an education to 3 other children who live across the globe! I strongly recommend anyone to Tutoring 4 Change, whether as a student or a tutor!"

- , Tutor

"I simply can't say enough about our tutor! She has been more than just a tutor for my kids; she has been a source of encouragement for them, motivating them to always try their best. Our tutor has been with us for almost three years, and I can just say that she will always be a part of our lives! She is very passionate about what she does and sees the needs of my children."

- , Parent


We're always looking for more sponsors to support us! If you would like to be one of our sponsors, please send us an email at

Join us to help make a difference in the world while improving your grades or earning extra income!